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Installing or operating your heating or cooling system in NYC can leave you with a number of niggling questions. Understandably, you want to make the most out of your unit, so in order to make things that much easier for you, we have listed the sought-after answers to five frequently asked questions.

1: How do AC systems work?

Air conditioning systems work by operating two basic functions: moisture removal and heat removal. As warm indoor air is extracted through the filter, it travels across an extremely cold coil. It is here that the heat and moisture get eliminated.

2: Will it save me money if I continuously operate the fan on my air-conditioning unit or just use ceiling fans?

The best option is to set the fan of the unit to ‘auto’ and then use ceiling fans for only the rooms in use.

3: Will it save energy if the AC unit comes on in short surges or is it better for it to stay on for longer durations?

When you first turn your unit on, it will take between 7 and 10 minutes for it to reach its optimum efficiency level and eliminate the moisture from the building. If you allow it to run for shorter periods, then you will not get maximum performance from your system. Additionally, continuous stopping and starting can have a negative effect on your unit’s ability to properly function.

4: Should I close or open interior doors during heating and cooling?

Closing interior doors causes an increase in air pressure in associated rooms. The AC system drives air in but it cannot get it back out, and as a result, the unit forces air out under the door or through cracks or leaks. This also causes the unit to drag in hot external air from gaps throughout the rest of the building.

5: Can you explain the difference between an SEER and ton?

An SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is a calculation of a system’s efficiency. A ton is an assessment of the size of a unit.

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