Top 5 Advantages of Ductless AC Systems!

Popular amongst New York City residents and an ideal option for both residential and commercial buildings in NYC, ductless air conditioners provide superior cooling options. With more and more people catching on to the benefits of installing a ductless air conditioner, we have provided the top 5 advantages that these efficient and flexible systems can bring!

Advantage # 1: Improved efficiency: With the average family in New York spending around $1,000 a year on heating and cooling requirements, installing a ductless AC system can save up to 30% on used energy each month!

Advantage # 2: Heating and cooling options: Ductless AC systems come with integrated heat pumps; enabling people to save large sums of cash by not having to purchase more than one unit.

Advantage # 3: Targeting: Unlike systems that require ducts to operate, ductless units allow people to target specific areas of the home. This comes in especially handy for people who seem to have a particularly ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ room.

Advantage # 4: Better control: Because ductless air condoning systems can be placed exactly where people want them, they don’t need to be set at one temperature for the entire building. As a result, being able to target specific areas will save money and energy as well as providing optimum comfort.

Advantage # 5: Installation made simple: Because these units do not require ducts, they do not necessitate the length or depth that other units do.

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